Archer Farms Gelato…Imported From Italy

by Ann on August 19, 2011

How did I not see this before?  I’m at Target three times a week sometimes!  At least once per week I look at the ice creams/gelato selections and rarely purchase anything since it’s either not good or not even close to natural.  Today, I stumbled upon Archer Farms Imported From Italy Gelato.  Yes.  Seriously.  Ok - I know there are a couple of frozen gelato brands already- but I don’t like either one of them.  The flavors and the textures just aren’t right.  One by one Omaha’s not very good and not authentic gelato places have shut down.  Even though they weren’t that great- they were still fun places to go and bring your kids sometimes.  At gelato places, the serving size is reasonable - not monstrous.  Plus, you get those adorable little spoons.  I freaking love those cute little spoons.

Anyway - on my second trip to Target in two days, today I finally noticed the gelato!  The clouds parted, I heard the angels sing.  Do you hear it?  Wait a second - you’re probably in your car right now driving to Target.  $4.99 a pop, and we tried three kinds.  I bought the coconut - where half is coconut gelato, the other half pineapple, with coconut on top.  I also got the tiramisu kind - the top of it is dusted heavily with ground up espresso beans - pretty presentations.  My mom bought the pistachio flavor- the top is covered in chopped pistachios.  I really wanted to try cherry amaretto as well, but $15 on gelato in one day - if the stuff is gross, would’ve felt like such a waste.  It would not have been a waste though- I’ll wager on that.  The tiramisu gelato is to die for.  AWESOME!  Seriously.  I’m pretty sure the folks over at Target must’ve read my blog post about being disappointed in the change to the imported from Italy four cheese pizza - so they made it up to me with some awesome gelato.  Thanks guys:)  The tiramisu flavored gelato is right-on.  Just the perfect balance of flavors for the frozen variation of this treat.

The Coconut is very yummy- I really liked the pineapple flavor side of it mixed with the coconut on top.  It doesn’t taste like a pina colada - but like pineapple gelato with coconut…what it is.  The Italians are pretty good with the purity of their flavors and not messing it up like we do half the time.  Why didn’t I go to college in Italy when my Dad was pushing me to go there?  Kicking myself…for the millionth time.

The Pistachio flavor is also good - maybe a little too creamy for me - but maybe not.  We tried all three at the same time and I may have ruined my experience with the intense espresso flavor of the Tiramisu.  My 4 year old actually preferred the Tiramisu one as well.  At first he though the ground espresso beans was chocolate - and took a huge bite.  But he’s my son so he actually liked it of course.  So after that I made him eat only the gelato/lady finger portion - which he loved as well.  He’s sleeping now while I’m a little wired.  I think I ate too much espresso.