Chocolate Coupon!

by Ann on June 18, 2010

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Remember my review on Jer’s chocolates?  At that point in time, I was just getting over my nasty first trimester stomach and not cooking much - yet craving chocolate, so these natural chocolates were the perfect solution to satisfying my craving!  Know what?  Not much has changed.  I still am craving chocolate and haven’t been cooking as much but have been enjoying a wide variety of foods (I’ll get into that in a bit) - back to the Jer’s.

Here’s a little info from the folks over at Jer’s: to date, Jer’s products have won six International Taste Awards.  They combine crunchy rice crisps, salty pretzels, buttery toffee, or gooey homemade caramel with all-natural premium dark, milk and white chocolates  and all natural peanut butter.  The peanut butter is made from locally made Valencia peanuts, the most nutritious, peanut-sweet and protein-rich available.  They are preservative and filler-free!  You can buy these at Whole Foods, Cost Plus and some other local stores, and online at is where this company is offering you a 20% off discount using this coupon code hrblog through the end of July!  Yeehaw!  I think these natural chocolates would make a nice gift or also be a great edible centerpiece at dinner parties. 

And for a little pregnancy update:  I’m now 8 months along and my usual food creativity is still mostly put on the back burner of my brain since I’m so darn tired all the time!  When it’s time to eat, I generally want something fairly easy with little prep and clean-up or to go to a restaurant!  Also, this time I’m having a girl, and last time it was a boy.  The cravings are completely different, while last time I wanted lots of burgers, which I normally don’t even like, this time burgers are extra gross and fish and vegetarian meals are what I prefer.  I would say it is not a healthier pregnancy than my last though since I’m still craving lots of chocolate!  I’m not talking about one Jer per day:)  I wish!  The other thing is I’m playing around with one particular baked recipe that I may end up selling after having this baby…and healing, etc… Stay tuned:)