Archer Farms Imported Italian Frozen Pizza

by Ann on May 4, 2009

Archer Farms Frozen Pizza

Archer Farms Frozen Pizza

Archer Farms frozen pizza is amazing!  Somehow, Target was able to get Italians to make pizza, freeze it, and ship it over here, and then charge only $4.79!  And many varieties are organic!  The crappy kinds (most of them) are much more expensive than that and sure to be full of calories and weigh you down with all that crust and cheese and not satisfy in the end.  It’s actually fairly simple to make some delicious Italian style pizza at home providing you’ve got frozen pizza dough from a local bakery.  However, you have to have all of the ingredients and quite often, I’m missing only basil or fresh mozzarella.  When I’m making my own it’s typically margherita, but that is the one imported Italian pizza variety Archer Farms sells that I’m not fond of.  Whole Foods used to sell similar types imported from Italy but they stopped (I went through my own personal little mourning stage) and I was ridiculously happy to find Target’s version.   The low price is the most impressive part about it!  How in the world can they do that?  The smaller single serving sizes (which feed my toddler and I) are $3.79.  Of course, you are paying more per ounce but sometimes, you just don’t feel like having leftovers when you know they could go to waste.

For the most part, they’re made with wheat flour, and then simple ingredients to top it off.  Keeping it simple and not piling on ingredients and adding fillers gives these pizzas a more delicate flavor in comparison with American style pizza, and they’re actually healthy!  I drizzle olive oil on top because it adds a bit of nutty fresh olive oil flavor as well as some omega 3’s.   A few of the varieties I have in my house right now (beautiful photo above) Spinach and Goat cheese, Four Cheese made with mozzarella, brie, pecorino and grana, and Mediterranean Vegetable made with red and yellow peppers, mozzarella, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, mascarpone and spinach. 

We’ve had plenty of other varieties of the Archer Farm’s pizzas not imported from Italy, and they were pretty darn delicious for the most part as well.  Pizza is one of the best ways that I can get my toddler to eat his vegetables, so I try to buy varieites with some type of vegetable included (he really loves the spinach and goat cheese one), but those four cheese pizzas are delicious!  It’s interesting because brie can be so overwhelming alone, but mixed with the other cheeses it provides a nice brie bite without overwhelming the pizza.  Which reminds me of the possibilities: I one time had a four cheeese pizza in Spain and blue cheese was one of the cheeses.  It was the nastiest pizza I’ve had in my life.  If you like blue cheese, Archer Farms also has an apple and gorgonzola that I hear is great but there’s no way I would like it!  I hear I’ll develop a taste for blue cheese when I’m 40.  Until then.

3/2010 UPDATE:  Unfortunately, they changed the recipe for 4 cheese pizza – they switched out the brie for asiago.  Instead of having the old delicate balance and bite from the brie, it now has more of a bitter aftertaste from the asiago.  I love asiago, but this was, in my opinion, a bad swap.  I wonder if it’s because asiago is cheaper or because people were afraid of brie?  Either way, my son still likes it, but I am now not a loyal customer of this 4 cheese.   Unless of course, they change the recipe back to the original…  Also, they stopped making (at least at my Target) the smaller size, which is disappointing because it was the perfect amount for my son and I to split.  However, since I don’t like it that much anymore, I will be shopping around for a small 4 cheese elsewhere anyway.